How to Style a Bedroom

It’s the first place you wake in the morning and the last place you’ll be each night, so your bedroom should bring you joy and rest. Here are 5 design tips for styling a bedroom that will ensure it’s your favourite room of the home.

Focus on calming colours
Your bedroom is primarily a space for rest. Which means it’s not the ideal space to be painting bright colours or overbearing patterns. For both your walls and general styling choices, we recommend sticking to subtle and calming colours. Pastels and earth tones tend to work well and encourage restful sleep. If you do want to add pops of colour you can select accessories that can be replaced with ease such as rugs, cushions and artworks.

Avoid clutter
Following on from our above tip, clutter is not calming. Your bedroom should feature the bare minimum when it comes to furniture. That means bed, side table, dresser or clothes storage and a bookcase or similar hobby item. If it’s not an item you use each day or night in this space, it should ideally be placed somewhere else.

Splurge on linens
With so little furniture in play, your bed is the main feature. Don’t waste this space with boring or low-quality linens. Splurge on the best sheets, quilts and luxe throws you can afford that make you feel inspired and content. Great linens serve a dual purpose – granting you the best sleep and the best style at once.

Soft lighting
Harsh lighting is the enemy of sleep. Make sure your bedroom curtains are effective at keeping light out in the morning before you’re ready to wake. At night time, you’ll want soft lighting options as you prepare for bed. Bedside lamps or standing lamps can offer this gentleness.

Decorate with plants
Plants can help to both purify and beautify a space. Selecting easy to care for plants in your bedroom can offer simple décor that also brings you closer to nature. There’s also a wide range of fun pot planters to choose from that add extra décor with little fuss.

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If you’d like a professional eye to make your bedroom all it can be, why not use an interior designer? The team at Furnish and Finish have been styling homes in Sydney and Brisbane to the max since 1999. We understand how to blend personal style with trends and design principles, and we’ll ensure your completed room is one that you love to spend time in. Get in touch with us for a consultation. Call 1300 387 647 or send a message online and we’ll be in touch soon.

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