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creating interior Design & property styling magic for 25 years

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in Interior Design & Property Styling

25 Years Of Business

Since 1999, Furnish & Finish has been a leader in home interiors, property styling and interior design. Transform client’s homes to maximise their home value. As we enter our 25th year, we proudly reflect on our journey and the thousands of homes and interiors we have enhanced. 

Our Story

In 1999, Tegan Grant was approached to style luxury townhouses in Neutral Bay by a prominent Sydney developer. Driven by a passion for creating beautiful spaces, Tegan embraced the opportunity. She quickly realised the power of well considered furniture decoration and stylish interiors to establish an emotional connection with potential buyers. The vision led to the birth of Furnish & Finish, one of Sydney’s most recognised and longest standing interior design and property styling companies. 

Over the next two decades, Furnish & Finish flourished, expanding across multiple locations in Australia.  Today, the business has evolved into the Grant Interiors Group Pty Ltd. Now delivering value through an increased focus on interior design and furniture packages. As well as an online furniture business operating out of their Sydney Headquarters.

To date, Furnish & Finish has styled well over 10,000 properties for home interiors & design clients and property sellers.   

Our Services

At Furnish & Finish, we offer a comprehensive range of interior design and interior styling services to meet your needs;

Interior Design – our interior designers create luxurious and dream like interior spaces that reflect your unique taste and lifestyle.

Property Styling – our property stylists and interior designers ensure your property creates a polished, inviting impression. This attracts more home buyers and aims to maximise sales results.  

Interior Decoration – Our home decorators and interior designers are available to transform your home. Our beautiful furnishings and home decor will provide a fresh new look and feel.  

Why choose
Furnish & Finish?

With 25 years of experience, our team of seasoned interior designers, stylists and decorators bring a creative touch to every project. Ensuring timeless and customised appeal for your home.

At Furnish & Finish, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach. Focusing on every detail to deliver beautiful results that aim to exceed your expectations

Our interior designers and home stylists aim to work within your specific requirements and budget to achieve the right results for your project. We believe interior design, home decoration and interior styling should be a rewarding, enjoyable experience which is as accessible as possible.  

We have an extensive range of high quality indoor and outdoor furniture. Plus, a highly enviable list of furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Australia and abroad which has been developed and cultivated over 25 years.  Contact us now and hopefully you will be amazed at what we can offer!

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FURNISH Your Home with Us

Our interior designers and interior stylists focus on the best end result for you. Whether that involves maximising your sales results or transforming your home into an indulgent haven to feel right at home.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Imagine creating a magical impact for people who visit your home or who are looking to buy your property.

Contact the Furnish & Finish team today to arrange an initial consultation.