6 Styling Tips for Small Spaces

Open-plan living and dining, generous master bedrooms and family-sized kitchens may be on trend, but not all of us have the luxury. Whether you have a small apartment to style or a few smaller rooms within your own home, here’s our top 6 tips for styling a small space.

  1. Light and mirrors

Ample light and cleverly placed mirrors are two of the most frequently cited small space saviours. Placing mirrors near your windows can help to reflect natural light within your space and brighten it up.

  1. Styles that complement not clash

Every décor detail in a small space should work together to create a harmonious atmosphere. With less space to play with it’s important that items have both an aesthetic appeal and a function. Read our blog on mastering minimalist design (LINK) for more tips on function and aesthetics.

  1. Fewer pieces, larger sizes

To fit more in, many people opt for more items in smaller sizes. This can actually be a mistake as it creates clutter and ends in squishing furniture against the wall to make it fit. Instead, use one large feature piece to create a focal point in the room and enhance the feelings of comfort.

  1. Glass furniture

Glass is a fantastic material for minimising visual bulk. Whether it’s a lamp base or a coffee table, you can use glass furnishings to maximise physical space without distracting or creating bulk in the visual elements.

  1. Max out your wall space

Most designs are made from the floor up, but in a small space consider going from the walls down. Wherever possible, think vertical not horizontal for your storage space. Open shelving or bookcases can be secured to your walls and help keep you organised.

  1. Clever corners

Corners are an often wasted space in room designs but when it comes to smaller spaces, you should find ways to utilise every inch. Corners are the perfect hideaways for storage ottomans and baskets. They can also fit a set of nesting tables which gives you extra table space for when guests are over without taking up room all the time.

Expert design ideas for every sized room

Great interior design expertly blends personal preferences with current trends and timeless elegance. At Furnish and Finish, we’ve been helping our clients in both Sydney and Brisbane find this ideal mix since 1999. To book your consultation, call 1300 387 647 or get in touch online.

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