5 Pet-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

Love looks like a happy dog bounding to greet you at the front door or a sleepy cat snuggled on your lap. But it also looks like endless fur covering your cushions, scratch marks on your new rug and the occasional smelly surprise on the doorstep. Here are our ideas for pet-friendly home décor so your home can be full of design and heart.

Roll up your rugs

Even the best behaved pets can accidentally ruin a plush rug. From their claw marks to dirt and toilet accidents – it’s best to keep the luxury floor coverings for the non-pet rooms. Outdoor rugs can be an attractive and pet-friendly way to dress up your floors. Materials such as jute are easy to clean and suit coastal style homes.

Finding pet-friendly plants

Quite a few plant varieties are poisonous to pets, so do your research before a visit to the nursery. Figleaf palms, spider plants and many succulent varieties are safe and stunning greenery. When it comes to flowers, options include roses, sunflowers and snapdragons.

Select semigloss or satin paints

Pets love nothing more than a gentle rub against your walls. It may not mean much early on but over time you’ll likely notice smudges and dirt marks left behind. Semigloss and satin finish paints are easy to wipe clean without leaving any marks. If you’re considering a fresh coat, choose a pet-friendly version.

Tough, stain-resistant fabrics

From cotton to linen and leather, there are plenty of long-lasting fabrics to choose from. Many can be made extra stain-resistance with special coatings. These fabrics are ideal both for your big ticket items such as a sofa or bedframe and smaller details like removable cushion covers.

Take inspiration from your pet

Fur shedding will be far less obvious on colours that are similar to your pet’s own fur. This doesn’t mean you should go about replacing everything you own with their natural palette, but it might be worth keeping in mind when it comes time to introduce new or replace items.

Stylish homes for families of all shapes and sizes

Whether you’re a pet-parent, a proper parent or even both; Furnish and Finish have decades of experience styling family and pet-friendly homes. Our interior design and property styling services are available for homes throughout Sydney and Brisbane. To book a consultation with our team, call 1300 387 647 or get in touch online.

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