8 Tips for Styling a Kid-Friendly Home

Kids and mess go together like peanut butter and jelly, but you love them with all your heart either way. Especially for a family home with young kids, your styling needs to be safe, durable and attractive. Your family style can grow over time, just like your kids will, but for the early years here are 8 kid-friendly styling tips for your home.

Choose dual purpose furniture

Dual purpose furniture like storage ottomans keep your space stylish and tidy. In a hurry you could pack up the kids’ toys, dust off the seat and have the living room ready for guests.

Look for durable materials

If you’re adding new furniture to your home, keep in mind which materials are tough like leather, denim and canvas. They’re more likely to withstand the wear and tear of kid escapades, plus they’re easy to clean.

Minimise sharp corners

Most baby books will tell you to get on your child’s level and look for hazards. Sharp furniture corners are a big risk and worth replacing with curved lines.

Add soft décor

Cushions and throw rugs are a budget-friendly, soft way to add décor back into your space. Whether you want a coastal, modern or luxurious space – you can create a kid-friendly version with accent décor.

Bring an outdoor rug indoors

Outdoor rugs tend to be hard-wearing and these days they come in many interesting designs. It’s an easy way to dress up your space with something that can handle spills, dirt and mess.

Artworks for adult eyes

You can lose sight of yourself when you have kids and bringing in some adult décor helps you feel ownership of your space again. Artworks that are hung securely and well out of reach for kids can add interest to your home and remind you that this space is yours too.

Boundaries in your home

Give your kids a play space to run wild and mark off an adults-only space that is yours for relaxing after bedtime. This gives you a space to style as you wish, and helps your kids learn boundaries and respect at an early age.

Help them learn and grow through styling

Growing up is all about learning – learning to walk, talk and exist in the adult world. Nurture your kid’s sense of style in a space that is entirely their own, like their bedroom, so that they can build self-expression but also awareness around caring for their things.

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