How to Style a Practical and Pretty Kitchen

Your kitchen is first and foremost a workspace in your home. Just because it’s meant for cooking, doesn’t mean it can’t have style to spare. Here’s 6 ideas to style a practical and pretty kitchen.

Fixtures are accessories

Taps, lighting and cupboard handles may be small pieces in your kitchen, but they can have a big impact. Don’t just look at them for their functionality, consider them accessories to your style. Choosing bright metals or decorative styles can really add flair to your kitchen without getting in the way of practicality.

Turn utensils and appliances into décor

Nothing says practically stylish like a utensil display. Gather your wooden spoons, salad tossers and cheeseboards to create a wooden accent corner. Keep things within the same texture for coherent aesthetics, such as all wood or all steel. Another option is splurging on the prettiest appliances so that you want them on display rather than hidden in storage. Think toasters, kettles and even stand mixers.

Pendant lighting

In your kitchen, the idea is to keep décor out of the way of your workspace but still noticeable for aesthetics. Pendant lighting is hugely popular over kitchen countertops for this very reason. It’s also a versatile option; you can update your light shades with little effort in future.

Open shelving to avoid cluttered counters

Imagine if every time you went to cook, first you had to remove the décor – that’s not very user-friendly for a kitchen. Open shelving above your counters or stove can remove this obstacle. Dress it up with decorative jars, spice racks, cookbooks or even plants.

Hang an artwork

Most people shy away from art in their kitchen as it may get ruined. Avoid placing it anywhere that steams up or is at risk of food debris. The entryway to your kitchen often has blank wall space that could benefit from a well-placed pop of colour.

Create a calendar on the wall

Rather than covering your fridge in notes, invitations and appointments; design a dedicated calendar space on one wall. You could attach pinboards and whiteboards or use a magnetic chalkboard paint to turn the wall itself into the star. Added bonus; you can let the kids get creative on the chalkboard wall and keep them away from the rest of your designer home.

Professional styling, personal details

At Furnish & Finish we’re dedicated to providing high-end interior styling that features all the personal details of your home and your life. Your space should reflect who you are through it’s beauty and function. For an obligation-free quote, call us on 1300 387 647 or send a message online. You can also browse our recent styling projects on site.

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