Is Property Styling Worth the Money?

Property styling, like any major cost, is an investment. And investors big or small want to know that their money is well-spent. So, how do you know if property styling is worth the money? It’s all about understanding what you’re buying. It’s far from a few pieces of furniture and a lick of paint; it’s a transformation that allows others to see what you already know – that your home is fantastic. Here are 4 reasons property styling is most definitely worth the money.

It takes a professional skillset

When it comes to matters of home and design, many of us feel equipped to tackle them by ourselves. But property styling is much more than an eye for design. It is a professional skillset which allows you to assess and transform a space. Many property stylists also have expertise as interior designers for this very reason.

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It helps you stand out in the market

It’s not surprising that many homes are built the same – 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom and space for the cars. Many of us like to live in very similar ways. So, how can you help your property standout? With property styling your floorplan can be enhanced. Stylists consider the target buyers and what they would want. Perhaps they’ll convert a bedroom into a study, perhaps they’ll enhance the family angle. Whatever the property requires to stand out, your property stylist will make sure it does.

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It gives people what they expect

Reality renovation shows, home design competitions and apps like Pinterest are increasing the public’s interest in design. When viewing properties for sale, they expect to be wowed. Property styling gives them the exact dream home they’re looking for and helps them envision it as their own home.

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It can increase your sale price

The main reason property styling is worth the money is that it earns more money. Any fees you pay will most often be reimbursed once your property is sold.

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