6 Reasons to Use a Property Stylist

Selling a home is no small task. You want to be sure that your property achieves its full potential and attracts the best kinds of buyers. Here’s 6 reasons to use a property stylist for your next sale.

1. Create a stunning online listing
Most homes are marketed through online listings and we all know a picture can speak a thousand words. Property styling will give you a picture-worthy home that gives a great first impression and increases attendance at your open house.

2. Designing for your target market
We all know that certain locations are suited to certain buyers. While your agent may know who is most likely to buy in the area, your property stylist will make sure your home appeals to that market. Whether that’s young couples or families – the way they want to live is different and so the way you present your home should differ too.

3. Entice the maximum number of buyers
Healthy competition between buyers is great for property owners – it helps push prices up and usually results in your home selling faster. With a stunning marketing campaign and great styling, you’re more likely to pull in the masses come auction day which boosts competition.

4. Depersonalise the space
Everyone has a different sense of style. While you may adore your home as is, your potential buyers may not. A property stylist will depersonalise your space with a neutral design style to help buyers imagine themselves in it.

5. Show the property’s full potential
Property stylists and interior designers are experts at maximising space. They can make a room appear larger with clever use of light and accents, or they can create a cosy, homely feel with the right touches. We’ve all read the property blurbs that boast modern family living or a cosy reading nook, but it’s a property stylist who will bring these words to life.

6. Maximise the sale price
At the end of the day, the ultimate goal for your property is to get the best price possible. Property styling is a well-known technique that helps meet this goal. A well-presented home is perceived as having a higher value, and as mentioned above, the more buyers that take an interest, the higher competition there is.

Elevate your home with property styling by Furnish and Finish

Furnish and Finish have been working their magic on homes throughout Sydney and Brisbane since 1999. With an eye for detail, our team will transform your home so that it sells faster and is more profitable. View our styling gallery for examples of our previous property styling. For a free quote, call 1300 387 647 or submit your enquiry online.

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