Tick off This Final Presentation Checklist Before Your Home Open

Whether you’re a home owner, a stylist or agent, there are a number of small details that can make all the difference in the presentation of your property at a home open. Here is our final checklist from property staging in Sydney and Brisbane to help your home give the best possible impression as potential buyers walk through the front door.


Pay attention to the entrance

First impressions last, so make sure that buyers are greeted by a clean and welcoming entrance to the home. Remove any obstructive furniture, ensure there’s a door mat for people to clean their feet to keep the house spotless, and use some fresh flowers or a piece of artwork to draw visitors into the next space.


Open your home up to natural light

Natural light tends to be the most flattering and the most appealing way of illuminating your interior spaces.  Throw open your curtains and blinds, particularly in rooms where there is greenery or attractive scenery outside – and don’t forget to clean those windows!


Consider scents and air flow

While home buyers scoff at the baking bread trick by now, it is important that the home has fresh air flowing throughout. It’s crucial to address cooking odours from the kitchen or traces of cigarette smoke if there are any. Open windows or turn on the air conditioning on in warmer weather, and place some subtle scent diffusers throughout the home to reflect its styling: for example, ocean or breeze scents for a Hamptons style space.


Remove distracting personal items, and declutter

This point is obvious but also crucial: it’s amazing how removing personal photos, cords, keys and everyday clutter from side tables and kitchen counters can open up a room. You might place a bowl of fresh fruit, flowers or a cookbook stand in the kitchen if the space feels empty, and make sure your rental furniture is arranged in a way that allows people to flow throughout the property.


Retain a sense of “home”

There’s nothing worse than walking into a styled home and sensing that everything is a little too…perfect. Those small signs that a space is lived in are what will entice and attract buyers to the home. That might mean a cotton throw draped over an armchair, some beautiful big books arranged on the coffee table or a table set ready for guests to arrive at a dinner party.


Paying attention to the tiny details can absolutely pay off when it comes to buyers walking through and inspecting your home. Why not take a look through our before and after gallery and see for yourself the effect that property staging in Sydney can have? Remember, our property stylists can take care of everything from lighting to artwork to rental furniture for home staging to ensure your property is ready to welcome buyers to their new home.

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