Before & After

Before & After

We transform Sydney and Brisbane properties into sale-ready sensations.

Our past projects offer the best endorsement of our property styling services throughout Sydney and Brisbane. When looking at the following before and after images, it’s easy to see how expertly chosen styles and finishes will completely transform a property into a buyer’s dream home. With the right lighting, layout, colours, textures and styles, each space becomes more open and inviting. Those wandering through instantly feel as though they have come home. Our professional property stylists will work closely with you to tailor a plan that complements your home, its environment and your ideal buying market. Gather inspiration from our past projects, and get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a consultation at your home.

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Newhaven Place St Ives

This newly built apartment block accentuated the effect styling has on an empty property. The use of charcoals grounds the space and adds depth. Light and Raw timber pieces adds warmth and pops of navy are used in the accessories and cushions to give interest and colour accents. This otherwise empty cold feeling interior is brought to life by our expert team and truly shows the value for money added in the transformation before and after video. Textures are used to in the mirror and different fabric choices to balance the room and add detail to the overall effect.

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