Living a Minimalist Life with Maximum Style

Home is a haven from the hectic world outside – or at least, it should be! Removing some of our clutter and simplifying our lives can leave room for the more important things in life. If you’re looking to begin living a minimalist lifestyle, these tips can help you streamline your “stuff” while improving your home’s interior style.


Stylish storage is key

Once you’ve decluttered your home, the next step is to set up your rooms with elegant storage options. A key part of living a minimalist life is about having a place for everything. A modern tray or bowl will ensure keys and loose items stay off the kitchen counter, for example, while cloth-covered A4 boxes can hide away paperwork.


Learn to love things for their lifetime

It’s never been so affordable or easy to fill your home with new appliances or furniture – but that approach doesn’t exactly suit a minimalist lifestyle. For sleek styling, choose well-crafted furniture and items, then learn to repair and maintain them. There’s nothing quite so welcoming as a well-worn leather armchair, and nothing quite as beautiful as a timber dining table that tells your family stories through its scratches and scuffs.


Control incoming items

If you love shopping for homewares but are wanting to pursue a minimalist lifestyle, the trick is to ask if you really need and love the item you’re looking at. The same goes for soft furnishings, bed linen and artwork. Do you have a space for that object, or would you need to make space for it?


Digitise your library

If you don’t feel too passionate about holding a real book in your hands, consider buying books in the digital form. You could give away the contents of your groaning bookshelf and limit your physical collection to a few choice options. Perhaps the best part of this change is that you can go on holiday with your entire library packed into your bag!


Be a borrower

We all have items that we don’t use often, whether they are workshop tools, sewing machines or camping gear. Most of these things clutter up our home and to be honest, can look unsightly. If you can, avoid buying these items and borrow them from friends and family. We love the idea of the Library of Things model popping up in European cities where you can share and borrow these types of items with others.


Use plants for decoration

Plants are the ultimate decoration item for minimalist living compared to the usual knick-knacks. Potted plants are easy to source and maintain, keep the air fresh and can easily be gifted to friends if you move or go on holidays. They also add warmth and vitality to even the simplest of rooms to create a welcoming atmosphere.


You can see how decluttering and restyling can completely transform a space in our before and after gallery. If you’re searching for a property styling team in Sydney or Brisbane, get in touch on 1300 387 647.


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