How to Maximise Your Property Price in Brisbane This October

Brisbane’s property market has been growing slightly slower than many major Australian cities lately, so there’s more reason than ever to maximise the appeal of a property if you’re looking to sell. We’ve taken a look at some tips for interior decoration in Brisbane this spring that could help you attract buyers and higher prices.


Consider furniture rental

Most furniture in a home for sale won’t be of everyone’s taste – and that can turn off potential buyers. If you’re refreshing your property’s style for selling or opening up new display homes in Brisbane this October, consider furniture rental as a simple and flexible solution to achieve that welcoming, sophisticated feeling. There are short term and long term options to suit your needs, and you’ll find that it’s incredibly cost effective considering the value it can add to sale prices.


Pay attention to property styling

You won’t believe how different the same space can look after our property stylists have worked their magic – take a look at our before and after gallery if you haven’t already. Whether you’re selling your own home or need to furnish five display homes, a professional stylist takes care of the modern styling and tiny details with high quality items from our extensive warehouse. This creates the ideal sense of aspiration that makes your property listing stand out in a crowded Brisbane market and inspires buyers to sign on the dotted line.


Consider styling for your photography

Do you need picture-perfect representations of your display homes for marketing and advertising? That’s where professional styling is the perfect option. We’ll visit the space, design a look, then bring in every piece of furniture, artwork, accessories, linens and extra touches needed to make that home look fresh, inviting and alluring. The best part of it is that when you no longer need the display home furnished, the team will come and pack every last element away. Easy!


Remember – style for the location

Whether you’re styling yourself or are talking with our team about creating a look for the property, we would suggest styling for the unique Queensland location. Bring in subtropical elements and textures of cool linens, whites and sand tones and weathered wood elements for property styling with Brisbane flavour.


If you’re in Brisbane, Noosa, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast and looking to sell property soon, speak with our interior stylists in Brisbane or ask about furniture rental options to maximise your property price.



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