Why on-trend styling matters for young home buyers

While impeccable property presentation can add to sale prices across all demographics, the younger generation in particular is looking to step straight into a picture-perfect home. Here’s why professional property styling and furniture rental in Sydney or Brisbane could make all the difference when you’re selling to young home buyers.


How times are changing

Once upon a time young and first home buyers would look for the worst house on the best street. Now, they’re skipping straight to the best house on the best street. The average age of the first home buyer in Australia has increased over the years from around 25 in the 1970s to 31 to 33 today. Most buyers are couples who are beginning families and entertaining at home rather than going out. As a result, most first house buyers don’t want a fixer upper or a renovator’s delight – they want a gorgeous home they can proudly invite their friends into and entertain in.


Around 18% of first home buyers purchase a brand new home – a figure that has doubled between 2007 and 2010. This is partially due to the increase in new homes built to meet demand, but it has also produced more expectation that a first home will look and feel brand new.


What young buyers are looking for

Professional property staging is all about creating a sense of lifestyle, and for Millennial buyers this is no different. We’re all visual creatures but perhaps none so much as the next generation of home buyers. They’re on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, seeing magazine-perfect homes and beautiful things they’d like to surround themselves with. Property and furniture staging needs to tap into the desire to have their own stylish space.


Keeping it real

When a young home buyer steps into a display home, they typically want to see simplicity and authenticity. They aren’t interested in a cookie cutter home – rather, they will invest in a space that can reflect their taste and personality. When styling for this age group it’s important to select display home furniture with integrity and character, while keeping colour schemes neutral enough to appeal to a wide buyer group. It’s not uncommon to see curated items on display with highlights of vintage posters, mod armchairs and collectable items.


How a home stylist can help  

If you’re targeting a younger demographic for your display homes, you’ll need to capture their imagination from the second they walk in the door.  A professional property styling process can bring in the elements that will inspire buyers with thoughts of making it their own. If you’re looking for the ideal selection of furniture hire in Sydney or Brisbane to choose from to achieve this, contact the team at Furnish and Finish today.

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