What Makes a Modern Dining Room?

The modern dining room is much more relaxed, multi-functional and comfortable than its traditional counterpart. Read on as our interior stylists in Sydney take you through the essential elements for a truly contemporary dining space.


Multi-use functionality

A modern dining space serves as much more than a formal area for meals – it’s likely to be where your family studies, catches up on the day, completes homework and even gets hands-on with crafts. You’re likely to have every combination of meals here, from easy mid-week dinners to big family get-togethers. As such, consider functional lighting, hard-wearing surfaces and comfortable seating.


Natural timbers

Quality, streamlined timber pieces simply never go out of style and have the added advantage of looking even more beautiful as they age. Choose a simple dining table in Australian jarrah or hardwood and it will likely serve your family well for generations, with any incidental dents or chips simply adding to its family story.


Bright and beautiful lighting

Place your dining area close to windows for sunny breakfasts, or next to bi-fold doors so you can enjoy meals al fresco in the warmth. Pendant and focused lighting at a dining table helps to create a sense of intimacy, even in a modern open-plan living area. Choose fixtures that add interest and create a bright yet pleasant glow, so everyone can see the meal they’re enjoying.


Conversation-starting style

The best dinner parties are ones where the conversation flows freely, and your interior design plays its part in making this happen. Look for local, hand crafted and distinctive furniture and artwork that will inspire discussion, from a buffet of reclaimed Tasmanian Huon pine to a bold artwork from your favourite home-grown artist.


Comfortable chairs

Gone are the dramatic, heavy and uncomfortable dining room chairs of older styles! These days it’s all about comfort and classic styling. Look for cool mid-century replicas or simple French cross-back styles that are sturdy, easy to move and a comfortable height for your table selection. If you often have family gatherings, consider extra stacking stools or chairs that will store easily without taking too much space.


Simple tableware

Ditch any tacky patterns and stick to a simple colour scheme for your tableware, whether that’s rustic stoneware, distinctive pottery or modern matte crockery with rose gold cutlery. Moroccan or Italian style patterns are an ideal choice if you love the mix-and-match aesthetic, making replacement of any damaged items easy.


For more modern dining room inspiration view our Recent Projects, and speak with our team about property styling throughout South Sydney, the eastern suburbs and the inner west.


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