What Does a Property Stylist Do?

It’s no surprise that a property is more likely to sell when it looks amazing. A property stylist’s role is to stage your property in a way that highlights its biggest selling points and shows off its most impressive features. By carefully selecting furniture, artwork, and other decorative pieces, they create a home-like atmosphere that appeals to as many potential buyers as possible. This can help your house sell at both a faster rate and higher price. In this blog, Furnish and Finish will explore the finer details of how a property stylist can attract more buyers to your home and help it outshine competing properties.

Ensuring your property’s first impression is the right impression

Photos are the first contact point many prospective buyers will have with your home and play a major part in enticing them to attend inspections. A property stylist will ensure that your home looks phenomenal by the time your real estate agent organises marketing photos and inspection dates.

Not only will a well-styled property attract more buyers, your agent will also be able to confidently promote the sale at maximum asking price and get you more money for your home.

Remaining objective with the space

Property owners can often find it difficult to distance themselves from the space that they and their family have called home. They may be tempted to leave personal touches around their home’s decor, such as family photos, knick-knacks, or quirky pieces of furniture. This can ultimately turn off potential buyers who are trying to envision the property as their own, not someone else’s.

On the other hand, a property stylist will be able to view your home objectively. Combined with their knowledge of buyer demographics in your area and price range, this will help them style it in a way that appeals to a wide audience while focusing on your ideal demographic if you have one.

General neatening duties

A property stylist does more than just spruce up a home’s appearance. They also ensure the property is squeaky clean and in good condition before and during the sale process. This could include basic cleaning and maintenance, as well as supplying homely, sophisticated furniture to fill up the house if it’s already empty.

If there are other houses for sale in your area at a similar price, a property stylist might also go see how competing homes are arranged to ensure their own clients’ properties are a cut above the rest.

Furnish and Finish have over 20 years of experience helping homeowners across Sydney and Brisbane sell their properties through our stunning property styling and interior decorating services. For an obligation-free quote, contact us online or call 1300 387 647 today.

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