Top entertaining spaces, Queensland-style

Sunny Queensland offers some of the best entertaining weather in Australia, so it’s little wonder that property styling in Brisbane and surrounds is designed for maximum enjoyment of the great outdoors. Pick up these characteristics of top entertaining spaces from our styling experts.


Provide easy access to the outdoors

Indoor-outdoor living is central to the Queenslander’s approach to entertaining. Air flow is a must for relaxed al fresco afternoons spent with friends and family, so plan the living space around glass bi-fold or sliding doors that can be opened right up to the day. Outside decks will ideally have an insulated roof and ceiling fan to keep air circulating, which can be invaluable on summery days wherever you happen to be living in Australia.


Incorporate cooling colours

Keep the relaxed vibe going with weatherboard panels painted in white tones, pale blues or cool greys. The Hamptons interior style provides plenty of inspiration in terms of similar colours and textures. Painted timbers, crisp white highlights and lush green garden backdrops on your deck will ensure a tropical feeling, while pops of bright colour can be introduced sparingly to add a sense of fun and personality.


Create laidback nooks and niches

One tip from our interior stylists in Brisbane is to design smaller resting places around your deck or open-air verandah (if you’re lucky enough to have one). Small spaces can be used for love seats, while the front porch is an excellent place for two modern chairs and a low table. If you’re in an area that’s prone to wind, you might even consider building a sunken deck area with a built-in fire pit for cosy winter nights.


Add soft and subtle lighting

Forget the stark lightbulb on the outside deck – your outside lighting inspiration should follow on from your interior decoration in Brisbane. Add soft, warm lighting in the decking or amongst plants in the garden to create a calm glow, and save the focused lighting for cooking and food preparation areas. Complete your Queensland-inspired atmosphere with hurricane candles in tall glass holders, and add citronella to keep insects away.


Bring out the creature comforts

The more comfortable your external spaces are, the more time you’ll spend enjoying them. Soft cushioned seating is a must, as is a gas heater or fire pit for the occasional nights that cool off. Add some bright cushions and some light throw rugs to ensure your guests are comfortable well when socialising well into the evening, and you’ll be perfectly set up for enjoyable entertainment.

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