Tips for relocating with your family

No matter which city you’re about to relocate to, moving with your family can be a challenge for everyone from your partner to your kids. Stick to these tips with quality furniture rental in Sydney and Brisbane and you’ll be able to keep everyone happy, comfortable and looking forward to your new beginning as a team.


Get set up as soon as possible

Nobody likes that feeling of living out of boxes or even worse – sleeping on the floor until you can find the right furniture! A relocation package ensures every item you need is set up and arranged for you – and this can be scheduled to happen before you and your family even arrive in your new city. Couch, beds, kitchenware, cutlery and appliances can all be there, waiting for you.


Stick to your own style

If your current home is styled in warm timbers or you prefer a modern glass and chrome aesthetic, choosing furniture hire in Sydney or Brisbane in this style will help to ease your collective transition. You can tell us which look you prefer and our relocation stylists will hand-pick items from our extensive warehouses so your family will feel right at home, right away.


Keep things comfortable

A home is much more than a bed and a couch – it’s the little knick-knacks and comforting touches that help us to relax and connect with our environment. Our stylists can arrange to bring in bookshelves, artwork, cushions, throw rugs and other decorator items to add colour and comfort to the living space. You can simply unpack your favourite books, clothes and keepsakes, then start enjoying your new surroundings.


Remember all the little things

You might immediately need bedside lamps if your little ones are scared of the dark, or a bottle opener for that celebratory toast to your new home. It can be nearly impossible to cover all of those small but important aspects of moving, but with a relocation package we have comprehensive lists of what you might need. Choose the things you need and leave out the things you don’t, and you won’t need any rushed store visits.


Keep focused with a home office

It can be tricky to find your work focus again once you’ve moved to a new city, and children of all ages can have difficulty settling into their new school environment. Setting up a home office or study area from the very beginning can create a dedicated area for everyone to work and learn from, with a comfortable office chair, desk, lamp and bookcases.


For high quality furniture rental in Sydney and Brisbane, contact the Furnish & Finish team today.


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