Tips for Selling Your House While It’s Occupied

Many property owners live in their home while it’s being advertised on the market, but what about your rented properties? Having your property tenanted shouldn’t present a barrier to maximising your sale price and selling at the right time. Here are some of our tips for occupied home staging and styling, based on our plenty of experience in the property industry.


Be considerate about home opens

In the case of an occupied property you or your property management agent will need to provide plenty of notice to your tenants about home opens. It’s important that tenants are sent a notice of at least two weeks before the first home open, then provided with at least 24 hours’ notice before each subsequent viewing. There are also day and time restrictions for property inspections, so check with your property manager or state authority to be sure. You may be asked to reduce rental rates during this time to compensate for any inconvenience, which is an option completely up to you.


Choose an all-inclusive staging service

Many of our property staging clients live in their homes while it’s up for sale, so we’ve taken great lengths to build up our Sydney and Brisbane warehouses with beautiful quality designer furniture for hire. If your tenants have furnishings that visually clash with the home’s interiors, then let our expert team bring in perfectly styled furniture that tenants can comfortably live with during the home open process. Then, at the end of the sales process, we will arrive and pack up these items for a stress-free process.


Consider partial home staging

If you’re looking to cause minimal disruption to your tenants’ lives or the house already has quality furniture in place, then partial home staging is a minimal and cost-effective option. We can visit the property with plenty of warning, then swap out and introduce furnishings artwork, floor coverings and accessories as needed to create a polished and sophisticated aesthetic.


Communicate and collaborate with your tenant

Your tenants will be responsible for keeping the property clean and presentable for each home open, however they aren’t obligated to provide more than a reasonable level of cleanliness. If you’re looking to present your property in its very best light, you might consider offering to pay for professional lawn-mowing or cleaning services before the home open period begins. Working with your tenants will keep the sales process tension free and they’ll be so much more willing to cooperate when they feel they’re being treated fairly.


At the end of the day, with the right professional styling team and clear communication with your tenants, selling your occupied home can be a straightforward and highly profitable experience.


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