The Proof is in the Pudding

When it comes to Interior Styling and Decorating, it’s time to look beyond just colour! There are a few ways to go about decorating your favourite space, but I’m here to share with you what I think are the best ways to create the space you have always dreamed of in your own home!

First and foremost I would recommend sticking with a scheme, but don’t think that this means you can only choose one colour and texture! There can be a range of colours, textures, finishes and more in a space, the important thing is to make sure that they all tie in! I find that a great way to discover your own style is to go through the latest interior mags (inside out, house and garden), come up with 2 of your fav pics and take it from there.

I find a lot of people are very surprised at what the smallest change can do to your space, so don’t think that you have to go out and spend your whole pay cheque on the latest and greatest decorations. Your local homewares warehouse will have stuff to fit your vision and won’t leave your wallet completely empty! Even swapping an armchair from one side to the other can create space and flow through the room.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that less is more. Easy flow and room to move in a space is essential (also, minimalistic interiors is a serious trend at the moment!), so resist crowding your space. There is nothing worse that not being able to get from the lounge room to the dining! This is also great news if you are working on a strict budget.

Lastly, choose items that help define your concept, be it Coral to encourage a Hamptons style home, or the use of blue accessories to present a coastal theme.

I hope this has helped you on your way to creating the perfect space in your home! The most important thing for you to remember is to follow your instinct, only you know exactly what you want, so trust yourself!

Happy decorating 🙂

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