The Most Common Mistakes When Hiring Furniture

If you’re preparing to relocate for work or study, it can be a wise choice to look to furniture rental in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast rather than splash out on new items for your stay. You might be using your rental furniture and items for weeks, months or even years, so look out for these key mistakes to avoid throughout the hiring process.

Mistake 1: Choosing style over comfort
While it is important to have beautiful things in your home, comfort and usability should come first and foremost. You won’t want a couch that looks great but is uncomfortable to curl up on at the end of a long day. It is possible to find both form and function in furniture hire in Sydney or Brisbane; you just need to speak with a team that looks for both qualities when selecting their furniture pieces.

Mistake 2: Selecting for price over quality
Don’t look for the cheapest relocation hire service – look for a selection of items that will be a pleasure to use and look at in your home. While we offer a surprisingly affordable hire service, we also focus on offering high quality items so that choosing an entire package is a hassle-free process. In a similar way, take care not to skimp on items like artworks, floor coverings and accessories. These are small things but they are what makes a home feel like a home, and it could make all the difference when you’re in an unfamiliar city.

Mistake 3: Missing items out of the brief
The last thing you need upon arriving in your house or apartment is to need to duck out for crockery, tea towels or water glasses as soon as you arrive. The whole idea of a relocation service is to be able to arrive and relax into your new home immediately, so we have an itemised checklist to work through to ensure nothing is forgotten. You can request anything you might need, from bed linen to a sugar bowl. We also offer an essentials start-up kit that includes the basics like cleaning products, toilet paper, detergent and importantly, tea and coffee!

Of course, one simple way of avoiding any of these mistakes is to begin with a consultation via phone, email or in person with our relocation specialists. Read about our easy process for furniture rental in Sydney and Queensland, then contact the friendly team at Furnish & Finish today.

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