The biggest mistakes to avoid when relocating to a new city

Whether you’re moving on a short-term basis for work or making a permanent shift to a new city and a new life, relocating is always hard work. However, there are a few common decisions that can make the job even harder! Read up on the biggest relocation mistakes to avoid so you can ensure your moving process is a smooth and straightforward one.


Taking too much with you

This is easily the most common problem of relocating. Chances are, there are a lot of items in your home you can get rid of or leave behind. Unwanted items can be donated to charities or sold through local classifieds to make money for the move, and if you are only relocating for a short time consider storing furniture and household goods rather than worrying about transporting them.


Getting the timing wrong

Relocating is often not up to you if you’re moving for work, but if you have a choice it’s never ideal moving during the heat of summer or while the kids are still in school. Try to time moves with the start of a new year or with kids on holidays so everyone has a fresh start together.


Failing to plan ahead

There’s nothing worse than trying to organise moving companies and furniture hire at the last minute. One major way to minimise the stress and inconvenience of moving is to arrange quotes and delivery well before the move. Not only will you avoid urgent fees, you’ll also feel more prepared in the lead-up to the day.


Rushing your packing

We get it – moving day arrives all too soon and soon you’re throwing your precious and fragile items into newspaper and praying for the best! Giving yourself plenty of time to pack ensures everything can be taken care of. Start with artwork and décor, and leave the everyday items until last. It also gives you the chance to sort through your items and eliminate any unwanted items as you go.


Failing to consider the style of your new home

You might love your big blue couch, but it might not be the right size, shape or colour for your new house. All too often a family will move interstate and bring all of their furniture, only to realise it’s completely wrong for the new environment. Furniture hire in Sydney and Brisbane can provide the perfect solution and ensure you’re surrounded by beautiful style while you’re living in your new location.


Overdoing things for a short stay

If you are relocating for a few months or up to a year, it simply makes sense to turn to furniture rental in Sydney or Brisbane. There’s really no sense in bringing every item with you at great cost. Instead, contact the Furnish & Finish team to arrange exactly what you need with quality furniture, homewares and artwork to make your house a home. The furniture hire process is so effective that at the end of your stay you can simply pack and leave with none of the usual hassles!


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