Sydney Property Styling – How This One Tip Can Help You Sell Your Home for More

If there’s one simple golden rule to styling a property for sale, it’s to take a step back and look at your property through the eyes of a potential buyer. Seeing your home in a fresh light can truly can make all the difference for your offers and your final sales price, but how do you go about this? Be sure to ask yourself these four questions before you approve that home listing.

Is the furniture appropriate for the room and home design?
It’s vital to consider who is wanting to move to your area and why, and develop a home styling plan to suit. You may adore that amazing mid-century armchair, but it could be distracting to buyers who are interested in your home’s art deco architecture. In a similar way, if your potential buyers are typically young families, then beautiful all-white furniture could leave them with a definite feeling that this property is not for them. Property styling services in Sydney can help you to identify what needs swapping out and can style a completely appropriate aesthetic that will transform the property’s appeal.

Are the home’s best features easy to see?
No matter the age of your property, it will have features to show off to those who are looking to buy. Your home may have stunning archways or high ceilings that will look even better with a fresh coat of paint. It could be worth updating your window coverings to let the gorgeous natural light flood into the living room. Once again, it can take a professional stylist’s experienced eye to know how to bring the best out in these features, whether it’s finding the right heritage colour schemes or selecting neutral-toned furniture to complement the space.

Have you shown your home’s exterior some love?
While property styling in Sydney centres around the interior spaces of a home, you’ll also need to consider the house’s curb appeal and what potential buyers will be seeing as they turn into the driveway. Now’s your chance to tidy up garden beds and replace any unappealing plants with colourful or easy-care alternatives. Spend some time edging lawns for a maintained finish, consider a fresh coat of paint for the front door, and hide away gardening tools and hoses before the home open.

Does the house have a welcoming atmosphere?
If potential buyers feel welcome at your property they’ll be more likely to feel an emotional connection, which can in turn inspire offers and optimise your final sales price. The final step in preparing your home for sale is to consider how potential buyers will feel as they walk in the door. Let in natural light in anywhere you can, ensure the floor and windows are sparkling clean and add some life to each room with a vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit. Our stylists will often take a final walk through the property as if they are visiting for the first time to ensure its first impressions are as inviting as possible.

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