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Beautifully executed, strategic home staging is now par for the course when placing a property on the market. So, whether you consider yourselves serious contenders for the next season of The Block or you’re at a loss on where to even begin, we’ve pulled together five must-know pointers to help you get your styling hat on – and ultimately, sell your home for the best possible price.

1) Target the big 3

Painting and furnishings and décor, oh my… A little overwhelmed by the prospect of styling your home ahead of a sales campaign? It’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to overhaul your entire home in order to sell it for the highest possible price. First up, arm yourself with the golden rule: the main spaces sell a property. Then exhale a sigh of relief, and get to work on the living, dining and master bedroom to begin with. These spaces, if well styled, are what will transform buyers from ‘It’s nice’ to ‘Take my money!’.


2) Less is (much) more when it comes to home staging

Before you feel compelled to splash out on 247 new throw cushions in the name of luring in the punters come open house day, take note: when it comes to home staging to sell, the more is more mantra definitely need not apply. Opting for a pared-back approach is key, so make it your mission to declutter any old or unused items laying around.

If you don’t have a shed or basement space (or accommodating friends with a spare room!) available, consider popping non-essential pieces of furniture and decor into storage for the duration of your sales campaign. As well as increasing perceived spaciousness of rooms, it’ll de-personalise the space, thus allowing buyers to more easily visualise calling it home (your gnome/tribal mask/taxidermy collection, no matter how ‘cute’, may not help on this department!). A wise investment; this one move will more than repay itself in returns come auction day.


3) Maximise Appeal

While the lure of guilt-free homewares shopping runs high (it’s an investment purchase!), styling your property for sale is not the time to set about creating the dream home you’ve always wanted. On the flipside, your objective should be to appeal to a wide range of buyers. The aim of the game here is to keep your personal taste aside when it comes to home staging – as difficult as that can be (particularly in a home that’s been lived in for years and has sentimental attachments).

To assist here, do a little research by chatting with your agent about what features generally appeal to, or conversely, turn off, buyers in your area. Essentially, try to see your property through your potential buyer’s eyes and always aim to style for the broader market.

Side note: there’s a difference between neutral and dull! While it’s definitely wise to avoid polarising features when you’re home staging – like feature walls or that lime green shag pile rug – still aim for a warm and humanised, lived-in feel (simple touches like contrasting textures across your white cushions and a fruit bowl full of bright green apples can go a long way here).


4) Let It Flow

An integral principle that home staging specialists employ is ensuring that all of the spaces and rooms work cohesively together. While you don’t have to go strictly matchy-matchy, sticking to a unified colour palette and general styling theme across your rooms will allow accessories and furnishings to ‘flow’ throughout the home. So if you’ve gone for a Hamptons vibe for the bedroom, picking the wicker chair over the retro-style armchair for the living room will keep you on-theme and help your home feel ‘done’ rather than ‘mish-mash’.


5) Give It A Fresh Coat

On a budget that won’t stretch to an all-out reno? Hot tip: invest in painting. A fresh lick is our pick for the touch-up that will bring maximum return for spend. When it comes to colour choice, a white or neutral colour throughout the home is always a good choice to a) give the illusion of a larger space, and b) provide a great base for the prospective buyer to visualise how they’d use the space. This step will instantly give your home a ‘brand new’ feel and boost perceived value in the eyes of your buyer.


Want some inspiration? Check out some of our case studies featuring home staging that have earnt our clients big dollars in their final sale.

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