Styling Tips for Smaller Bedrooms

With space at a premium in many cities such as Sydney and Brisbane, there are plenty of homes with small children’s bedrooms or guests’ bedrooms. How do you begin to style these smaller rooms? With a considered approach and these tips from our property stylists, you can maximise space while keeping your interior style fresh and exciting.


Look to multi-use furniture

For a tiny study-slash-spare-bedroom, finding the right convertible furniture can ensure the room fulfils all of its needs effectively. You might choose a small couch that is ideal for reading but can also fold out to become a spare guest bed. If you have limited space, a well-chosen desk can also serve as an effective bedside table.


Open up the windows

In a smaller space you’ll want as much light as possible to visually expand the space. Look to window styling that allows the most possible natural light in, and add lamps if you can for multi-level lighting at night. If the space allows, ambient lighting can be incredibly effective at visually heightening the ceiling. LED strips are inexpensive and can be hidden above bulkheads or within old ceiling roses to create a gentle glow.


Save space with pendant lights

No room for bedside tables on either side of the bed? Consider wall fittings or pendant lights that will provide functionality without taking up space. You might even build lighting and shelving into the bedhead to create a practical, yet streamlined effect.  


Embrace colour

Painting small rooms in white or light colours has long been a successful technique in interior styling to open up limited spaces, but you can also create a cosy, dramatic effect by embracing deep jewel tones or a bright and optimistic yellow hue. Consider the space and its uses, and keep your mind open to bolder tones that could tie furniture and artwork together visually.


Reflect light with mirrors

It’s an old tip, but a good one. Mirrors not only reflect light within the room but also virtually double the space, so find a large feature mirror to hang above the bed or dresser. If you’re reworking built-in cupboards, think about using full-size mirror doors along the length of the room that are not only visually effective but also entirely practical when guests or children are getting dressed.


Max out your storage

Of course, storage is often an issue in a small bedroom. Search for furniture pieces with clever pull-out drawers and hidden storage compartments, or install high shelving where you can tuck everything out of sight in simple baskets. Effective interior styling is all about creating a space that looks beautiful, but is ultimately usable and practical too.


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