Styling and staging a modern laundry

It’s all too easy to focus on the main living spaces when you’re refreshing your property styling for sale, but what about the most functional spaces of your home? The laundry is one area that’s often overlooked – and nothing can turn potential buyers away more than an unloved, dull space at the end of their house visit. Put some love into your laundry with these simple tips from our property stylists.


Keep it light and bright

Two of the simplest ways to update your laundry is with lightness and brightness. Boost the wattage of light fittings with daylight-toned fluorescents, and consider adding a modern pendant if the light shade currently looks cheap or dated. Remove any blinds or curtains to let the natural light filter in and clean the windows. You might also add a fresh coat of light paint on any surfaces that are looking worse for wear.


Maximise storage

The laundry needs to be practical above all else, and this space is often where cleaning products are kept within easy reach. If you don’t currently have much storage it may be worth installing shelves with simple baskets or cabinets to tuck away irons, brooms and vacuums. If your property is an apartment or townhouse with a European laundry, make sure the cabinetry can completely hide away the laundry area when not in use.


Update appliances

You may have a trusty old washing machine that’s lasted you through the decades, but this won’t be doing you any favours if it puts off potential buyers. Consider either hiring a matching modern washer and dryer for your home open period, or look to upgrade your appliances to ones that will suit your new home that you can put in place while your property is for sale.


Add some personality

Although the laundry is typically seen as a neutral space, it’s really a place where we love and care for our families. As such, make it feel like a room you would want to be in when ironing or folding clothes. Add a small potted plant, quality hand wash and a hand towel, especially if the laundry leads outside. You might even add a patterned wallpaper to the back of storage units to add interest.


We’d love to help you with professional property presentation in Sydney or Brisbane to help maximise your sale price. A Furnish & Finish property stylist can assist with either a partial or full home staging, so arrange your consultation today.

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