Small Touches That Make a Display House a Home

If you’re applying the finishing touches to your new display home, you’ll soon be thinking about styling the property. Whether a potential buyer is looking at marketing photos or wandering through the house, creating a sense of comfort and warmth will often make the difference between “just another display home” and “we want to live here!” Here are our top touches for home staging in Sydney and Brisbane that will help make your display house a home.


Soften the space

Soft furnishings are absolutely key to completing a room. They visually soften a room and add texture, but can also minimise the unfriendly echo of a freshly-painted house. Soft furnishings are not just limited to cushions and throws either; rugs and carpet are incredibly important in providing a welcoming touch underfoot and for tying areas and elements together.


Choose furniture for function as well as form

You can choose the most contemporary display home furniture you can source, but if a chair doesn’t look appealing to sit on then you aren’t doing yourself any favours. A display home should look clean, tidy and modern, but ultimately it should look like it can be lived in.


Get green

The dream Australian lifestyle features plenty of the outdoors, so make sure you’re bringing in shades of green throughout your display homes through the use of potted plants, blooms and even garden walls outside windows. Ideally you’ll be able to use fresh flowers and living plants in your display homes, but artificial greenery has become infinitely more realistic these days and won’t wilt under neglect.


Learn to love the lamp

Your latest display home might feature modern recessed lighting and energy efficient LEDs, but have you considered lower level lighting? Selectively placing warm-toned lamps around a space can transform it into a welcoming and relaxing area. Even if the lamps aren’t always turned on, they help potential buyers imagine curling up with a good book or a wine in hand at the end of the day.


Consider the daily routine

It can be the tiny details of a household routine that really make us feel at home. To reflect this, your display home’s dining table might be set for a big dinner. There may be storage options such as dressers and baskets in bedroom wardrobes (after all, what family doesn’t have stuff?). It’s also important that the artwork you choose doesn’t look like it belongs in a hotel foyer or a hospital wing.


We would love to bring life into your new display homes through our professional furniture hire and interior decoration services in Sydney and Brisbane. Read more about how our display home styling works, and contact us to get started today.

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