Relocating for Work? Here’s How to Feel at Home

A move to a new city can seem overwhelming between familiarising yourself with new directions and setting up your new home. Whether you are staying for just a few months or indefinitely, there are some simple ways to instantly feel more at home when you make that relocation.


Bring your own soft furnishings

It can be tempting to start with everything new when you relocate to a new city, but bringing a few key soft furnishings with you can have a wonderfully reassuring effect when everything around you is unfamiliar. Diving into your own bed linen or cuddling up under a cherished throw rug can make all the difference.


Choose quality furniture and homeware

Nothing says ‘just visiting’ more than flimsy, cheap furniture. Quality furniture rental in Brisbane, Sydney or your new city of choice offers an ideal solution. Ideally, you will be able to select a package and style that suit your tastes and living space from a wide furniture range, then arrange easy delivery and setup so you can come straight in and instantly feel at home.


Introduce familiar scents and sounds

You can make a home anywhere with a few small items. If you were used to the smell of a particular soap or even the ocean at your previous house, you can recreate these scents with candles and reed diffusers. Another aspect is sound, so blast your favourite tracks as you unpack and you’ll feel ready to take on the world and explore your new surroundings.


Cook your favourite dish

Forget takeaway sitting on the floor. As soon as you can, set up your kitchen space and dining table, then cook and enjoy your favourite meal. This familiar routine lets you set up your living environment with a purpose and also gives you a chance to scope out your new regular grocery store.


Choose a plant for a pet  

You may only be in town for a few months, but one sure way to create a sense of home is to find yourself a sweet little fern or flowering plant. It’s only a small thing, but a plant gives you fresh air, a sense of routine as you care for it and greenery that can help you focus if you work from home. Potted herbs add yet another advantage. The best part of all is that if you do leave the city, you can pass it onto your neighbours as an appreciated parting gift.


The Furnish & Finish relocation process is simple, so for furniture hire in Sydney or Brisbane contact the team today.

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