Property Styling – Stop Making these 6 Mistakes When Getting Ready for Sale

It’s no secret: preparing a home for sale can be a challenging experience! There’s the tidying, the repairs, the styling, and knowing how much investment will be enough to raise your sales price. We’ve worked with many home owners through our years of property styling in Sydney, and here are six areas where people most often make mistakes.

    1. Mistake #1: Keeping it personal
      This has been your home for some time, and it’s only natural that you’ll have photos and other personal items on display. Now’s the time to tidy those beloved items away in time for your photo listings and home opens. It may not feel like these things could have much of an effect, but a buyer will want to envision their own life and their own family in the space rather than someone else’s.
    2. Mistake #2: Using or keeping overly strong colour schemes
      Part of the freedom of owning your own home is being able to incorporate your own style and personality in your home. For some, this might be bright jewel colours, while for others it may be a striking monochrome colour scheme. When it comes to selling, though, it’s time to think neutral so your property will appeal to a larger buyer demographic. This may mean giving some walls a fresh coat of paint.
    3. Mistake #3: Avoiding maintenance and repairs
      The new owner will take care of that, right? Unfortunately in many cases, a simple wonky hinge or stiff door could suggest poor build quality to a potential home buyer and turn them away from making an offer. Take a walk around your property with the perspective of a buyer and take notice of any scuffs, dents or minor damage. It often doesn’t cost much to fix and could make a significant difference to your final sales price.
    4. Mistake #4: Failing to address inconsistencies
      Could you sum up your home’s style in one sentence? It’s important to give buyers a clear sense of the lifestyle they can expect, whether that’s relaxed coastal or ultra-modern and urban. Many home owners won’t have the experience to assess their home for a sense of flow throughout rooms and spaces, and often this can come down to inappropriate rug or furniture size or clashing styles. This is where a professional stylist can certainly help.
    5. Mistake #5: Going it alone
      We can understand why many home owners attempt to complete their own house styling in Sydney without professional assistance, but the difference can quickly make itself known. A professional stylist will help you to see the property with a fresh approach, bring in new furniture and professionally style your home to bring out its features. Your home’s style and appeal will benefit from clarity, quality additions and carefully applied design principles.
    6. Mistake #6: Overspending
      You may be tempted to give the kitchen or bathroom a renovation before offering your property up for sale, and in some cases this will prove worth it – but in others, it can cost you more than you’ll get back in your final selling price. It’s worth considering your outlays and investing where it truly counts, potentially including property styling in Sydney. Whether you’re using full or partial styling services, the stylists at Furnish & Finish can help you to identify and address critical aspects to maximise your final selling price. For an initial consultation, contact the team today.
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