Power of Pattern

We found ourselves in the cushion room scanning for inspiration for our first blog post and there is was, staring straight at us. Patterns jumping out from every angle!

Suddenly we realised the significant impact patterning can have in every space we come across, be it absolutely awful or amazing.

Patterns have a huge impact in defining the design style of a space. We consider all interior spaces as sanctuaries and therefore choose patterns to create a unique feel for each space. It never seizes to amaze us the influence a pattern can have.

Before we talk about the do’s and don’ts of using pattern. First where to find your pattern, it can come from anywhere, it could come from out your bedroom window, from the overseas trip you took during the year or even something you have stumbled across on Pinterest. It is important this pattern reflects the mood you want to set in your space and works with the pre-existing finishes.

Here are a few tips to assist you in your journey creating an idyllic space:

  • Be sure to carry out your theme throughout the space and have each pattern complement one another
  • Try to avoid using complex patterns with lots of colours and crossing lines in small spaces because this can make the space look even smaller – horizontal lines add width and vertical lines add height.
  • Patterns go hand in hand with colour and texture so make sure you create unity, for example the tribal pattern pictured above is best teamed with natural fittings and an earthy colour palette.
  • Avoid using 4 different patterns in one space because it may confuse the eye and people may find it hard to know where to look.
  • Incorporate block colours here and there to allow your patterns to be the focal point in the room
  • Visit your local textile store and ask for samples of patterns that catch your eye and see how these tie in with the existing furnishings. This way it will be clear to you which patterns will make the room pop.


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