Off-the-plan Selling Done Right – Why Home Staging Matters More Than You Think

As a property developer or builder of off-the-plan homes you’ll know that you really only have two chances to impress potential home buyers. The first is in the high-quality photos you’ll be using in advertising and real estate listings. The second is in your display home experience.

Nobody wants to envisage their future surrounded by stark white walls and empty alcoves. Instead, they’re looking for the promise of a modern, comfortable life; a fulfilling family home; a desirable lifestyle that’s within reach. Whether you’re selling off-the-plan retirement homes or brand new luxury apartments, you’ll need to convey the full potential of the space and its design. And selling a lifestyle is even more important when the final product hasn’t yet been built; that’s where home staging and styling in Brisbane can prove invaluable.

A reflection of your vision

Whether you’re building a new apartment complex or an estate, then chances are you’ll have an overarching vision for your project – this may be a relaxed coastal lifestyle, SoHo-style warehouse living or an eco-friendly ethos. Our stylists are adept at understanding master visions and tailoring furniture and homewares to suit. We may carry echoes of the home’s beautiful dark timbers throughout the spaces, or incorporate light and bright elements for a Hamptons style. With a cohesive appearance throughout your photo listings and display home, your buyers will inherently understand your vision and the lifestyle your new properties will offer.

A streamlined styling process

A professional styling team like Furnish & Finish has a streamlined process for home staging in Brisbane. There are a few steps in the process:
There are a few steps in the process:

  • Our professional stylists will ask you about who you’re trying to appeal to and the vision behind the property’s design.
  • Our stylists will provide a design vision that honours and complements each space of the property.
  • Upon approval our team will arrive to bring in and style furniture, hang artwork and furnish the display home with the small signs of daily life, such as candles, vases and plants.
  • You’ll be able to keep items in place with 6, 12 or 18-month hire options to suit your needs, or speak with us about a customised hire term.
  • Once your preferred term ends, our professional removalists will arrive to pack up every item and furniture piece to leave the property spotless.

We’ve worked with many of Australia’s leading developers, and we’d be delighted to work with you. Contact us today to arrange a quote for professional property staging in Brisbane and surrounds.

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