Making Your Property Photogenic with Home Staging

We’ve probably all had home envy when viewing a property listing, but have you considered how much appeal home staging in Sydney could add to your own property marketing? While professional property presentation is an in-depth process, these are some of the basic techniques our stylists use to create magazine-worthy interiors.



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – much of the work in styling a home professionally is removing the everyday clutter that every house has. Clear away mantle pieces, shelving and kitchen counters and focus on small groupings of beautiful items. A deep clean is also a necessity in the lead-up to a photoshoot. Clean your windows, let the light flood in and clean any scuff marks off the walls and trims.


Place artwork carefully

If your property has high ceilings then vertical artwork will show off this feature, while for low ceilings it can be best to stick to horizontal pieces. One common technique in interior photography is to place artwork a little lower than usual to create a sense of height in the room.


Bring in fresh greenery

Magazine interior styling often uses greenery to add life and vibrancy to interior shots, and it can work for a property listing too. Flowers or greenery don’t need to be elaborate and they really shouldn’t take the attention away from the property’s features, but a simple vase of wattle or a leafy fern can brighten up a corner or freshen the appearance of a bathroom. A bowl of fresh fruit can do the same in the kitchen.


Keep things natural

While you want your property listing to look clean, calm and contemporary, you won’t want it to look completely void of any personality. Avoid lining everything up too perfectly, and don’t be afraid to add some books and accessories with wide appeal to make it feel like someone could step into the space and live there.


Test, test and test again

Smartphones make it easier than ever to test out the aesthetics and angles of your property styling. If you have a professional photographer booked in, make your way around the house beforehand and take some sample shots. Even slight adjustments to lighting and detail can make all the difference.


Of course, to make the process as simple and effective as possible you can simply trust the professionals. If you’re looking to maximise the appeal of your home for sale, contact the Furnish & Finish team about property styling in Sydney or Brisbane today.


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