It’s time to bring colour back onto the walls, Australia

If there’s one trend that has overtaken all others in the past few years, it’s that of the all-white walls in interior styling. It’s become all too common to splash a bright white tone on the walls and for good reason, because it generally looks great with any décor and helps to open up a space. However, there is still an argument that colour can bring a space to life in a way that no white wall will.


Minimalism is right on trend

The drive for whitewashed walls is in direct opposition to the bold and vibrant patterns and colours of the past 30 or 40 years. The popular aesthetic is to strip things right back and keep clutter to a minimum. The danger with this is that a home can potentially become devoid of any personality and individual style if taken too far. Many people are afraid to take the plunge into colour in the fear that they’ll choose the wrong colour or tone. This is exactly the situation that interior stylists can be so valuable in. Our styling process includes a consultation with a stylist to take into account your home and your décor, then develops a look that unites those pieces and best uses the space. An important piece of this puzzle is the wall colours, which can tie every element together in harmony.


Colour creates a sense of space

One of the main arguments for all-white walls is that it opens up a space and lets the light bounce around the room. One important factor to consider is that this isn’t always the optimal effect for a room. If you’ve ever walked into a living room swathed in a decadent deep red or luscious Prussian blue, you will have felt the effect of colour in creating a sense of warmth and cosiness that no white wall ever can. Interior styling is not always about making a space feel bigger: sometimes, it’s about creating a feeling that wraps around you like a hug.


Neutral doesn’t need to be boring

Even if you are set on a white colour scheme, you don’t need to choose a stark white as so many do. The risk is that you can end up living in a space that feels more like an art gallery. Instead, living rooms and bedrooms can look beautiful with a soft eggshell tone or a warm off-white colour.


We aren’t saying there isn’t room for all-white walls. In fact, there are times when they can complement architecture and interior styling perfectly. What we are saying is that with the help of a professional stylist’s eye there is absolutely no reason to shy away from the expressive, rich and evocative world of wall colour. If you’re looking for professional property styling services in Sydney’s northern beaches, eastern suburbs, south Sydney or inner west, contact the team today.

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