Interior Stylist Tips: Trends vs. Timeless

So you’re upsizing, downsizing or tree-changing – whatever the reason, you’ve decided to put your home on the market. The next step is to ensure it sells – preferably for a much heftier sum than you bought it for. And the key to prepping it for the sales campaign? Nailing the styling. But should you go with millennial pink on millennial pink (or is that so 2018?) to lure the punters in, or is it wiser to opt for classic white, black and neutrals? Here, we delve into whether styling your property for sale should be trends-based or timeless to deliver optimal results come auction day.

On-Trend Styling

Dated or downright daggy décor definitely won’t result in eye-catching photos for your sales campaign, and it’s unlikely to woo those buyers who do end up attending your open home. So it’s important that your styling choices make your home look as fresh, current and appealing as possible. Drawing on current design trends can certainly have an emotive effect on would-be buyers by immediately catching their eye in photos, and generally lending it that ‘so cool it hurts’ vibe. But (and here’s the catch) this approach only works when done right.

Timeless Styling

Some design choices will always be chic. Think oriental rugs, white walls and marble kitchen benchtops. This aesthetic is widely appealing, meaning that going with a timeless look for your property styling is unlikely to offend potential purchasers. Ideally, it will create a chic vibe that lifts the whole aesthetic of the property. However, you don’t want to play it too safe here – if you veer on the side of white-and-beige too much, the result runs the risk of being a little, er, underwhelming.

A Fine Balance

Ultimately, finding a happy middle ground between going all-out with an on-trend look and sticking to a timeless aesthetic is what most experienced interior stylists would recommend. Using timeless key pieces, while adding trends-based accessories and art, is an effective way to give your property its best chance of selling (hopefully, for a sum far above your reserve!).

Interior Stylist Tips

Now we’ve agreed that a balance between timeless and trend-based styling is generally a winner, remember that it’s still important to choose which trends you incorporate wisely. Some trends have broader appeal, while others are potentially polarising (we’re looking at you, millennial pink). Moreover, some looks that are considered current at the moment, such as Scandi style (think minimalist pieces and clean lines), aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Others run the risk of looking dated in a matter of months (bear in mind sales campaigns can run this long!). If you want to incorporate trends, a professional interior stylist can help you distinguish between trends that are more evergreen, and those that are more likely here-today-gone-tomorrow fads.

Work With The Property, Not Against It

Our final tip? Be sure to consider the architecture of the property itself when settling on your styling direction. A 1950s house, for example, would work well paired with mid-century retro armchairs, but not so well with a plush blue-and-white striped couch say, which would suit a Hamptons-style beach home. The ultimate aim is for the interior styling to work in seamlessly with the property to enhance its existing beauty.

Have more questions? Give our interior stylists a call and we’d be happy to share some more tips.

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