Inspiring Ideas to Style Your Study Room

You may be looking to update your teenager’s study room to motivate them during exams, or perhaps to freshen up your study space so the whole family can use it in comfort. No matter who’s sitting down at the desk, there are certain features and elements that contribute to an ideal study room design. Read on for our favourite study styling tips.


Find study room decoration that doubles as storage

The absolute, number one rule for study room design is to make it easy to organise and to streamline the work station. Stylish storage is key to this. If you can, install overhead cupboards or shelves or bring in modular storage to suit the space. Bring in some inexpensive boxes or files to hide away documents, and choose a desk and other furniture with in-built storage wherever possible.


Coordinate your colour scheme

Offices and study rooms often look untidy because most office equipment is designed for form over function, however there is an easy way to address this problem. Stick to neutral tones when you purchase new study equipment, such as greys and creams, or pick one highlight colour that you can easily stick to when buying stationery and notebooks, such as blue. Filing cabinets are often one item that stick out in a styling scheme and they can be expensive to replace, so you might consider painting yours to work into your new colour scheme. A chalkboard finish can be one neutral, stylish and practical option.


Think naturally for study accessories

It’s proven that even looking at natural greenery can boost your focus and mental performance, so if your study space isn’t situated in front of a garden window you can always bring the outside in. Position leafy potted plants on and around your desk, and focus on introducing natural materials such as wood and cork that will help to hone your concentration and reduce eye strain that can often come from overly modern surfaces.


Tips to creating study desk inspiration

Once you have storage organised, turn your attention to creating an inspiring work area. Add inspiring artwork such as ocean landscapes, or add some framed photos of your family for some personal motivation. Choose an ergonomic chair with plenty of cushioning and incorporate a corkboard or whiteboard on which to throw around ideas and plan the week ahead. You might also wish to add a sleek stereo or speakers to make study music easily accessible.


What about small study room ideas?

Many studies are smaller in size than other rooms in the home, but it’s possible to create an open and airy study nook in even the tiniest of spaces. Once again, focus on storage, let in as much sunlight as possible and stick to light and bright paint schemes such as warm whites and pastels. You may even wish to look into adaptable furniture that gives you plenty of workspace but also folds up into the wall when not in use.


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