How We Select Pieces for Our Furniture Range

When you open the doors to our furniture warehouse, you open up a stunning range of modern designs that have been handpicked by our stylist team. Here’s what we look for when selecting pieces for our professional property staging and furniture hire in Sydney and Brisbane.


Modern style

First of all, pieces for furniture staging and display home furniture must be beautiful and up-to-date. Our team is continually researching and sourcing the latest aesthetics from Italy, France, the United States and importantly here in Australia. Rather than go too avant-garde, we search for timeless pieces that are classically styled in order to suit a variety of modern home looks.


Neutral tones

Property staging is all about widening the appeal of a property, and an important rule is to let the home shine. We select many of our beautiful furniture pieces in crisp whites, off whites, greys and tans to complement a property without taking attention away from its features. In a similar way, if you’re hiring furniture for a temporary stay in Sydney or Brisbane it’s important to be able to select pieces that suit whatever architectural and interior style you’re living in.


Rich textures

Texture is an incredibly important aspect of interior styling, and we love to bring in linen, wicker, marble and other tactile textures into our designs with our furniture and accessories range. Whether it’s beachside cool with rustic timber panelling or a dash of mid-century modern with thick grey felt, we work hard to create a full database of textures for our stylists to create the desired effect with.


True comfort

The furniture we use for home styling often isn’t just looked at – it’s used by the homeowners who are in the process of selling their home, or by someone who’s staying in the city on a contract for twelve months. Comfort and cosiness is absolutely a prerequisite for our furniture range, and we aim to select pieces that will have you feeling right at home from the first moment.


Central themes

While no two homes are alike, a central theme can create a sense of unity throughout the house and provide the ambience that you’re seeking. We pick up artwork and furniture from around the world that evoke the feelings and atmosphere of a Hamptons summer home, a Paris apartment, an Australian haven or a chic tropical resort. This enables our styling team to create a holistic concept for your property that suits your ideas and personal taste.


Furnish & Finish provides furniture rental in Sydney and Brisbane from our exceptional selections. Get in touch with the team today to tailor a package for your property sale, display home or relocation.

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