How to Use Feature Furniture in Your Home

Have you ever walked into a room and been drawn to a single piece? That is the power of feature furniture. Used well, you can create a decorative heart to your space that the rest of the room flows from. Here’s how to do it in three simple steps.

Step 1: Find your feature

An ornate bookcase, a hyper-modern bed frame or a colourful and bright sofa; feature furniture can be any item in your home. It’s often easiest to choose a functional piece for the room as it already embodies the centre of the space. For example, a feature dining table in the dining room or a desk in the study. Once you have your piece de resistance – the fun can begin.

Step 2: Find your colour palette

What are the colours of your feature piece? It may be full of colour or it may be a single shade. If you have colours to play with, like in a tribal or floral-patterned side table, make a chart of those that feature. The colours that feature least are a good option for accent décor as they’ll match your feature piece, without competing.

Working with a single shade, like a jewel-toned velvet sofa? Work with that colour on a scale of density. If it were ruby red, you could use pale pinks in your other décor. Imagine you’ve taken a white paint dripper to your feature colour and gradually faded it out. That colour palette is a safe place to choose artworks, rugs and other decorative items from. When it comes to colour, you want to complement without drawing attention away from your main item.

Step 3: Find your shapes

Look for common shapes and lines, then use other décor in the room to contrast and complement them. Elevate a round tiled coffee table with a straight-edged armchair or sofa. Soften a broad, leather king bed with a circular night stand. Too much of the same shape means your feature piece will struggle to stand out. Avoid this conundrum by paying close attention to the placement of shapes in your room.

Unlock the power of feature furniture for your home

Feature furniture is a powerful interior tool; both for styling your own home and property styling when looking to sell. It can help to create an inviting atmosphere. A place where your guests, yourself and your prospective buyers want to spend endless time. Furnish & Finish have been leading stylists in Brisbane and Sydney for over 20 years. Contact our team on 1300 387 647 for professional interior advice.

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