How to Style Your Home Office: Tips from Our Interior Designers

Working from home has some benefits, and a custom designed working space is one of them. No workspace is too small to accommodate practicality and personal touch, but how do you style an inspiring home office? Our interior designers at Furnish and Finish have some tips for you.


Selecting the perfect desk and chair

Your home office should be a balance of function and style. So, when it comes to your desk health, the height of your desk and chair is a priority.

But what about style? If your room is neutral, consider adding a pop of colour with your chair to brighten the space. If you want to keep it neutral, black or brown leather are great choices but match it to your desk. A white desk is a classic choice, however moving towards timber or frosted glass can add texture or sophistication to the space.


Get your lighting right

It’s important to have the right lighting, whether that’s natural or artificial light. If you have the option, place your desk close to natural light to reduce the strain on your eyes but remember lamps can work to bring in light where you need it most. Plus, they’ll add personality to your workspace.

Brass and matte black lamps remain popular and ‘70s retro style lamps are making a comeback. Think pineapple lamps and lime green shades!


Something green

Creating a styled office space that you enjoy spending time in is important. Indoor plants have many benefits to your working day including stress reduction, increased mood and reduced headaches. Flowers can also brighten your mood and workspace, so experiment with greenery of different heights and shapes to create a good mix for your space.


Be inspired

Select one wall of your office space to foster creativity. Use a pin board, chalk board or wire boards to capture daily thoughts, quotes, personal pictures, or inspiring images. There are a lot of options when it comes to boards so make a choice based on functionality first and then design. An inspiration board will lift your day and add that personal touch.


Stylish storage

It’s easy to lose track of paperwork but when you’re working from home having a tidy, easy to access and organised filing system is imperative. Consider drawers under the desk to save space, shelving or bookshelves.

If you don’t have the space, a small filing tray is a great option, and they come in a range of colours and styles. Don’t forget you’ll need something to store your stationary, so consider jars or containers that give a pop of colour.

Furnish and Finish have a wide range of resources on our website to give you styling and design ideas for your next redesign. Feel free to contact our office or visit our website if you have any questions or need further information.

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