How to Master: Minimalist Design

Simple, uncluttered and magnificently monochrome – these are the three most common inspirations when it comes to minimalist design. But are they enough? When it comes to the ‘less is more’ approach, you need to be much more deliberate in your styling. Here are the essential elements to keep in mind and master minimalist design.

Rely on the architecture of the space

When you walk into a room, there is already existing design. The architecture present creates the basis for everything you do. Minimalism works very well in a strongly designed space with elements like interior archways, architraves, protruding walls or mantles and fireplaces.

Strip it back to the essentials

Minimalist spaces are supposed to be restful in their simplicity. Their uncluttered nature leaves you feeling calm and in control. For this to work, a room should only feature essential furniture. In a dining room this is the table and chairs, in a bedroom it’s the bed and just enough storage.

Expand your viewpoints

The styling of a space is usually meant to keep your attention in the space itself, but with minimalist design you can break this rule. For example, if a particular room has a stunning window view – use that as a focus point and arrange your furniture to lead the eye to that area.

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Monochrome palettes

One of the most well-known minimalist features is its colour palette of blacks, whites and greys. To create atmosphere with monochromes, use different depths of the same shade and add textural elements. If you do want to add colours, keep it to one per room and use varying shades to complement each other. For example, with orange, you may experiment with the colour all the way from soft apricots to deep terracotta’s.

Function is most important

Does your room fulfil its purpose? Will you use every element in this space? If the answer is yes, your minimalist design is complete. The most important factor in minimalist design is functionality. If you answer yes but your room lacks warmth and atmosphere, it may need more texture or depth. Rather than adding more items and cluttering your space, swap items out until you find the right balance.

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