How to Master: Luxury Design

Most design styles feature a touch of luxury, so what makes for true luxury design? It’s the magazine cover you’re dying to recreate, the celebrity home you’re lusting after – luxury design is all about designer statements and endless glamour. It’s a fine line between enviable luxury design and over the top opulence, here’s our top tips for creating the ideal balance.

Metallics and marble

Many people shy away from metallic and marble accents for fear they’ve become overly glamorous or tacky. Used with a subtle hand, these materials can add the finishing touches of luxury to your space. Think golden faucets and marble side tables – the kind of small inclusions that can be very powerful.

Wild wallpapers

You can go big and bold in luxury design. Patterned wallpapers add extra oomph to any room, from a petite study to a luxury-style kitchen. Bold wallpapers can be intimidating to home stylists, so you may wish to enlist professional interior decorators for help.

Feature furniture

Too many pieces of luxury furniture is like too much chocolate; a taste overload. Instead, focus on large feature pieces that will accentuate the space. A high-quality, oversized velvet sofa will have just as much impact as a whole lounge suite without the sense of clutter.

Read our blog to learn more about using feature furniture in your home.

Classic antiques

Many elements of luxury design stem from the art deco era and quality handcrafted furnishings of yesteryear. Seeking out amazing antiques will elevate your luxury space and give it a feeling of history.

Pro Tip: When selling your home, it’s useful to match the property styling to the architecture. For example, an art deco home will be set off by cleverly posed luxury design. Our property stylist’s work with your home’s inherent style to create an immersive experience for potential buyers.

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Styling luxurious homes throughout Sydney and Brisbane

Furnish and Finish work with property owners, agents, stylists and developers to create welcoming and well-styled homes. Whether it’s a property for sale or lifestyle styling for your own home, our team will help bring to life your dream style. View a selection of past projects throughout Sydney and Brisbane for more details on our designs. To work with Furnish and Finish, call 1300 387 647 or use our online form for a free quote.

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