How to Master: Coastal Design

If coastal design makes you think of a sea captain’s cabin, it’s time to think again. Coastal design is simple and understated yet still elegant. It’s the perfect way to bring relaxed, beach vibes into your home – whether you’re living next to the beach or not. Here are our top tips for mastering coastal design in your home.

Natural materials

The textures of the beach aren’t hard to imagine, but how do you express them in a home? Using natural materials like wood, wicker and jute can bring a coastal vibe to your décor with a designer edge. To keep the room comfortable, choose these rougher materials for your furniture and miscellaneous décor.

Neutral colour palettes

The colour palette sets the tone for your entire room and in coastal design it should be neutral. Beige, white and earthy browns are your base colours and you can add textures, accents and patterns to bring it to life.

Adding ocean vibes

Now that your natural, neutral base is in place – it’s time to add some colour. In coastal design you don’t want to overwhelm the relaxed, calm vibes you’ve built. Adding touches of ocean blue and sea green will add brightness without overpowering. Stripes are a classic nautical theme which can add interest.

Natural light

The biggest tip for coastal design is having plenty of natural light in your space. With whites and browns as your base tones it can look dark and boring without natural light to illuminate. Make sure your space has plenty of windows and even skylights to bring the space to life.

Decorative touches

Sometimes as you complete your styling, you’ll find something is missing. The room still looks blank. Decorative elements are the glue that holds your design style together. With coastal design you can use seashell, glass bottles, woven baskets and classic linens to complete the look. As always with coastal, less is more.

Things to avoid

Seamless style is about what you put in the room, but also what you leave out. You may love metallics, ornate patterns and soft faux furs, but they don’t suit your coastal creation and should be avoided. When it comes to property styling, the key is to keep it consistent.

Get help with your home designs

Styling your home and finding the perfect elements is not always easy. Let our team help with expert advice and interior tips. We’ve been property stylists and interior decorators for 20 years, helping to elevate homes in Sydney and Brisbane to their full potential. Get in touch with our team for an obligation-free quote.

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