How to Hang Pictures Like a Style Professional

It’s easy to see when framed photos and pictures have been hung by someone who knows what they’re doing; the spaces, levels and framing all seem ‘just right’. Here are some pointers from our interior stylists for how to hang wall frames and canvas images like a professional.

  1. Theme your framing
    You may stick to one common colour to visually tie your frames together, or choose a simple black or white theme. You might also consider adding in unusual elements and objects that suit the theme of the images to add visual interest, which could include fans, framed tickets, signs or decorative plates.
  2. Choose your fixtures
    Depending on the weight of the framed images, you may be best to use nails, picture hooks, wall plug anchors or toggle bolt anchors. If you are property staging then strong removable adhesive hooks provide an ideal temporary solution. If you’re wondering how to hang pictures with heavy frames, you may need to position two evenly spaced hooks to distribute the weight.
  3. Find the ideal height
    Your pictures should optimally be hung at eye level, which is around 1530-1600mm above the floor. Plan to hang bottoms of frames at least 70-150mm above the top of any couches, and leave at least 100-200mm above tabletops to ensure a pleasing visual space between the objects.
  1. Plan your layout
    It’s a great idea to cut out your frames’ sizes and shapes from newspaper and tack these up to test out your layout. You might restrict the frames to a virtual square or rectangle, or disperse small and large frames in a scattered pattern. Another method is to picture a horizontal line along the wall and align the tops and bottoms of frames along this line.
  2. Place your hooks
    One of the easiest ways to find the perfect hook placement is to hold up the frame and use a pencil to lightly mark the top centre spot just above the frame. Then, hang your picture from a measuring tape’s end hook and take note of the distance from the hanging point to your pencil mark. It’s then easy to place your hook at that exact distance below the mark.
  3. Check your levels

If you’re placing two hooks for one frame, be sure to use a spirit level to position these evenly. Once your frame is in place, check that the top is sitting level. If it just won’t sit straight, some rubber protective feet placed on the bottom corners of the frame can help to hold it in place against the wall.

Stand back and admire your new personal gallery…

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