How to Effectively Style Your Bed

When it comes to effectively styling your bed like everything there a few key rules and elements to follow.

The base layer like everything is the most important and when it comes to a bed it’s the linen. White or neutral bedspreads and quilt covers are a great base for any style of room and is the first element of texture that you will later build upon.

Having height behind the bed adds a sophisticated element and point of interest. A bed head will add another layer of texture whether it’s made of timber or fabric and is a simple way of making the room feel a little more luxurious. If bed heads aren’t for you artwork or photographs above the bed will have the same effect and help ground your chosen style whether its coastal, traditional, classic or contemporary.

Symmetry is another big factor when it comes to styling your bed. Having two bedsides with two bedside lamps with a balanced display of decorative cushions will create a harmonious feeling and a sense of calm. When it comes to decorative cushions it’s important not to overdo it. Stick to either one or two colours or patterns. Even try playing with different colour hues and tones through pattern and block colours.

By following these simple rules you can create a beautifully styled bed every time!

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