How Property Staging Can Open up Your Buyer Market

We all love the tiny touches that make our house a home, but when it comes to selling your property it’s a completely different story. When that time comes, the aim is to make your property enticing to a wider range of potential buyers with style that showcases the home’s best features. Here’s how our property stylists widen the appeal of our clients’ homes through professional property staging in Sydney and Brisbane.


Catering to a range of tastes

None of us have the same interior styling taste. While some families might love bright and bold colours, others might prefer light or monotone shades. The first change our property stylists make in your home is to take out signs of personal style and introduce neutral tones with quality furniture and artworks. That certainly doesn’t mean boring – it simply means sophisticated design, minus any potential clashes that might turn people away.


Creating a sense of lifestyle

Expert home staging helps to portray and reinforce a home’s best lifestyle features. If your home is an entertainer’s dream then the right pieces can bring this fact to life. In the same way, a home’s styling can reflect its beautiful bushland setting or beachside vibe. Professional styling can carry a theme throughout the property using consistent textures, tones and final touches while adding focal points in each space.


Rethinking your spaces with home styling

You’ve laid out your home to suit your own family and lifestyle, but when preparing that property for sale the layout may not appeal to a wider demographic of home buyer. As an example, a large family might be looking for as many bedrooms as possible. We might recommend turning your home office or kid’s room into an extra guest bedroom or living space to open up the potential of what buyers see when they walk in the door.


Building a connection

A vital stage of property staging Sydney and Brisbane homes is to add welcoming touches that will help buyers emotionally connect to the property. This can be as simple as bringing plants and fresh flowers into a room, or introducing artwork and accessories to soften the ambience in a space.


We’d love to help you widen the appeal and potential of your home for sale through professional home staging. Contact our team today to speak about property styling for your Sydney or Brisbane home and arrange an in-home consultation with one of our stylists.

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