Why the house down the road sold for more – home staging boosts sale prices

Your neighbour has been living two doors down the road in a house that’s very similar to yours, but they’ve just managed to sell their home for $17,000 above market value. What’s their secret? There’s a good chance they’ve put time and effort into presenting their property in the best light. Perhaps they’ve used a professional home staging service.


Home staging or home styling is the process of presenting your home as a buyer would want to live in it – with stunning furniture, lots of natural light and every space perfectly set out for a life well lived. You may not expect that a few pieces of furniture can make much of a difference, but in fact, home staging in Brisbane involves so much more. Experienced property stylists arrive to visit your property, consult with you and take every detail into account, from the wall paint colour to window coverings, to how your current furniture fills the space. We determine who your target buyer is likely to be and what they look for in their ideal home. From here, we develop recommendations and a design plan that will bring out the best in your interior spaces and architectural features.


Our design plan will feature textures, styles, colours and recommendations to enhance your home’s spaces, with either partial or full staging. Upon approval, styling begins. Our dedicated team brings in quality furniture, artwork and homewares to complement each room, using colour and accessories to create a sense of flow through the home. Our attention to detail means that your home looks superb both for real estate photographs and for home opens. Potential buyers will walk into a stunning space that is cohesive and luxurious, gaining the impression that your asking price is excellent value. When your home sells, we arrive once more to professionally remove everything we brought into your home to leave you ready for settlement.


Our team’s home staging and styling in Brisbane has seen some extraordinary results in recent years. In one case, we styled a Toowong penthouse which sold for over $3 million in just one week of being on the market. While this is an exceptional result even the average home sale is impressive; many of the properties we style sell within one or two months of being listed.


If you are looking to sell, contact the experienced team at Furnish and Finish for property styling in Brisbane. We’ll help you not only keep up with the Joneses, but potentially even get a better sales price than them too.

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