Home Staging Clichés to Avoid

Professional property presentation in Sydney and Brisbane isn’t just about what you choose to include; it’s also about what you leave out when prospective buyers come to inspect the home. As far as home staging clichés go there are some key mistakes to avoid, so steer clear of these activities for a beautiful home open.


Mistake 1: Removing almost everything

Clearing furniture makes the space look bigger, right? While it may be tempting to remove everything or place furniture right up against the wall, it’s one sure-fire way to highlight any echoes within the home and could even freak buyers out. While decluttering and making space is an important aspect of styling a home for sale, you need the right balance of furniture, accessories and soft furnishings to create a sense of flow and demonstrate how beautiful the space can be to live in.


Mistake 2: Setting the dining table for a full formal dinner

Home staging is about creating an aspirational and inspirational sense of lifestyle, but it shouldn’t make people feel underdressed! Not only will an over-the-top dining setting detract from the highlights of the home itself, it might even make prospective buyers feel like they’re intruding. Keep any table decorations fuss-free and neutral, and remember that a simple vase or table centrepiece can often be enough.


Mistake 3: Making everything uncannily perfect

While neutral colours like beige, grey and cream can create a cohesive and calming space, using them ad nauseam can create an odd hotel-style atmosphere. In a similar way, if books and accessories are obsessively lined up it can evoke the feeling of a museum or boutique store rather than a home. Our property stylists have perfected the balance of carefully using colours, textures and tone to ensure the atmosphere is sophisticated yet inviting and open. Finding that balance truly is an art.


Mistake 4: Baked goods in the oven 

You’ve probably heard this one many times before. The scent of baking bread or cookies is indeed a tempting scent, but by this stage it’s the oldest (and most out-dated) trick in the book. Instead, open up your windows prior to home inspections to freshen the air, then use subtle candles or fresh flowers to add a delicate scent to your home that’s welcoming without being overpowering.


Home staging clichés certainly highlight the importance of restrained and professional property staging in Sydney or Brisbane. To speak with the Furnish & Finish team, simply call 1300 387 647.

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