Our forecasts for interior styling in 2018

What are the interior styling trends set to be for 2018? While we believe that interior decoration in Brisbane, Sydney and beyond should be centred around personal tastes, we can all gain home styling inspiration from the new year’s looks. Next year’s focus appears to be that of simple luxury using honest colours and materials.


New colours for 2018: deep greens and earthy tones

Green is never out of fashion, but in 2018 it’s going to be fully embraced. Look out for emerald greens, moss and sage greens that provide a sense of vivacity and vitality to interiors. There’s a definite swing towards warm earthy colours, ranging from terracotta, mustard yellow and rust through to watermelon red for pops of colour.


2018 textures: stone, terracotta, dark wood and cork

Stylists are leaning toward natural and honest textures for interior styling in 2018, with a particular focus on ceramics, terracotta and stone for crockery and accents. We love this authentic look for property styling in Brisbane and Sydney, as these raw textures offer wide appeal and pair beautifully with classic home styling. Some design shows are displaying an emergence of deeply dark toned timbers for wall panels and furniture. High quality wallpaper is also set to be popular, in both geometric patterns and more flowing, organic styles.


Simplicity in the kitchen

The latest Milan Furniture Fair has seen a stripped-back aesthetic when it comes to marble benchtops and there is even a trend towards all-black kitchens, with open shelving to show off those lovely ceramics. As the all-black kitchen isn’t for everyone, the earthy and mineral colours of 2018 will provide a great opportunity to create a warm and welcoming colour scheme. Brass, copper and chrome are still on trend for tapware, and subway tiles remain a popular choice for splashbacks rather than glass. While pastel appliances are still seeing popularity, it’s worth sticking to stainless steel options to future-proof your purchases.


A subtle touch of luxury

While luxury is in, extravagance is not. This balance can be achieved using small sumptuous touches such as fringing, suede and velvet on cushions or adding one single item in a lush teal or ruby texture. Bed linen tends to be high quality but simple in style, so search for linen and neutral-toned cottons that look and feel like they’re high in quality.


Searching for more style inspiration going into 2018? If you’re planning a kitchen, bathroom or whole home makeover, contact our interior stylist team in Brisbane or Sydney today.

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