First Impressions: Styling a Foyer or Entrance

First impressions are lasting, so when people arrive at your home open you will want them to feel welcomed and charmed within moments. A large aspect of creating those feelings comes down to styling, so here are our tips for ensuring your foyer and entrance looks inviting when preparing your house to sell.

A welcoming door
How’s the paint on your entryway looking? Now is the time to touch up any scratches or damage around your door, architrave and front windows to present a clean and tidy appearance. Consider the use of colour too; a beautiful teal or deep red door can add appeal and add character to a house. Coloured feature pots on either side of the door can achieve a similar effect. If your door handle is looking tired, consider upgrading this as it is an easy and fast job.

Create a family dropping spot
What better way to fall in love with a family home than to instantly walk past convenient hooks and nooks for everyone’s bags and jackets? This can be achieved using minimalist hardware, calming colours and plenty of storage. Just be sure to style the area simply with neutral accessories such as straw hats or gumboots, and tidy away any errant Dora the Explorer backpacks on the day of your home open.

Keep it light
There’s little appeal in walking into a dim interior. If you don’t have natural light streaming through the front windows, you can add your own using pendant lighting or lamps that have the added benefit of creating a warm welcome to guests arriving at night. Alternatively, if you’re already planning to update your door you might choose to add one with a strong glass panel. If you have light panels to the top or side of the door, make sure these are thoroughly cleaned prior to the house inspection.

One sure way to add appeal to your home is to embrace accessories in your entry hall. Top furniture with simple antiques, vintage family photographs or natural additions from the area such as interesting sponges or shells. Of course, a simple vase with fresh flowers is one of the easiest ways to instantly lift the space and freshen the air as visitors start exploring the home.

A place to rest
If you have the space, we love the look of a cosy sofa or bench in an entry space. This also makes a convenient place to put on and take off shoes. Choose an option with shallow seating so it doesn’t take up too much room, and add a bright cushion or two in your highlight colour.

If you are preparing your house to sell, contact the team at Furnish & Finish today for professional home staging and interior decoration services in Sydney or Brisbane.

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