Exotic Escape in Palm Beach

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Heidi Middleton’s home in Palm Beach! This exotic escape is a feast for the eyes with its timeless style and eclectic charm. With amazing water views over the bay from every room and varied mixture of raw materials this house truly represents the sass and bide style!

The natural and organically shaped stone flooring makes a beautiful statement in the downstairs living and dining. A massive raw timber table with a mix of linen dining chairs and bench seating sits directly in front of a modestly designed kitchen. With a beautiful cluster of assorted accessories placed at one end makes the table aesthetically pleasing and still a functional feature of the room. Indoor palms scattered throughout gives the whole home the feeling of an exotic escape.

With the walls covered in smooth, white stucco and the windows in their original floor to ceiling frames adds a sense of history and is the perfect backdrop to the unique styling of Heidi Middleton. Even the bathrooms have been given the greatest attention to detail with mud bead chandeliers and hand rendered vanities, adding a beautiful bohemian touch!

Every room has been well thought through with the layout taking full advantage of the open plan lifestyle that this house offers. I think we can all agree the finishing product is breathtaking!

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