Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Guests This Christmas

If you’re expecting guests this Christmas and your house is looking a little tired, don’t despair! Instead, use it as the perfect opportunity to finish half-done projects and spruce up the house for yourself, as well as your guests. For an instant makeover, forget about major renovations, and follow these quick professional property styling tips.

Rejuvenate the entrance

Nothing says welcome like a well-maintained entrance to your home. Clear away or stack any unnecessary clutter, such as toys and bikes. Add a lick of paint to tired door frames and create a fresh appeal with new, potted plants. Find a colourful welcome mat and liven up outdoor furniture with new cushions. Make the garden come alive simply by raking, weeding and dusting off the whipper snipper.

Create open space

Before you think about enhancing the interior of your home, it’s important to de-clutter. A spacious environment is instantly calming and welcoming, and is also much easier to clean when your guests have gone home! Take a good look at all your furniture and get rid of bulky, outdated pieces that are gathering dust.

If you have a particularly small dining room or lounge room, consider getting some wall mirrors to create the illusion of space. Make sure all hallways are free of objects, and store away items that don’t fit with the overall aesthetic of the decor.

Make the most of light

Natural light streaming into your rooms ensures instant appeal and makes spaces appear larger. If your window coverings are heavy or dark, you might be surprised at the impact investing in sheer curtains or blinds can have. Start by taking window coverings down, to determine how much more light you have to work with. Match new coverings with the walls for a spacious feel. Another option is to add floor or table lamps to dark corners, to illuminate dark spots and enhance cosiness.

Update your old items

It’s amazing what new handles can do for doors and cabinets. If your kitchen cupboards look worn and outdated, invest in stainless steel or shabby-chic, vintage style knobs for an entirely revamped look. Your bathroom will take on an entirely new appearance with fresh handles on the vanity, a modern shower curtain, crisp towels on display and modern bathroom sets, such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders.

You don’t have to spend a fortune either, as it’s all about creating a new, fresh, feel, not necessarily an expensive one. If you’re having trouble thinking of innovative ways to update your decor, consider hiring a property stylist to create a new look for you.

When you prepare your house in advance, you’ll save yourself the time and stress of looking after all the little details once your guests have arrived, and your home will be ready to impress! This leaves you free to enjoy yourself as well, so the Christmas cheer can flow freely through your spruced up domain.

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