Delta Goodrem | Sydney Apartment

Delta Goodrem | A place to rest her wings

Bright neutrals, soft pink and earthy tones were an absolute must in Sydney Singer Delta Goodrem’s home. 

Delta Goodrem asked Furnish and Finish to style her modern Sydney apartment with simple and comfortable living spaces, where Delta could retreat from her busy schedule.

With each living space carefully designed to complement the open layout of this stunning Sydney apartment, the Furnish and Finish styling team set about creating a bespoke colour scheme and relaxing space to suit Delta’s preferences, ensuring that her precious music still took centre stage. 

Furnish and Finish brought in beautiful, cosy and contemporary furniture pieces that were complemented with natural textures, splashes of bright neutrals, soft pinks and earthy tones, bringing a visual lift to the living spaces that also incorporated Delta’s essential piano and musical instruments. 

“I really wanted a space that felt like home but had no clue where to even start. I also had family coming over for the holidays and wanted the space to look perfect. Thankfully the Furnish and Finish team took care of everything, working around my schedule to ensure I had a perfectly styled home to show off to my guests. Now I have a home that’s comfy, cosy and elegant and provides the perfect place to come home to whenever I am back in Sydney.” Delta says.

Our team loved speaking with Delta to identify her individual taste in colour and textures, and her warm personality shone through at every stage of the styling process. Delta was friendly, appreciative and gracious. 

Delta was an absolute pleasure to work with and style for. “We love you Delta!” Sorry, but we simply had to throw that line in, I mean who doesn’t love Australia’s very own Superstar, Delta Goodrem? 

Thank you Delta! We can’t wait to see what’s next with your new music ventures, and we hope that your newly styled abode provides the perfect place to come home to. 

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